The new Thibaut T952 is an all-in-one machine – a combination sawing center, machining center and polishing center

Thibaut T952.

French producer has targeted small stonemasonry enterprises as its clients

„All-in-One“ is the buzz-word used by many machine producers for very different implementations. At this year’s Stone+tec in Nuremberg (June 13th to 16th, 2018), Thibaut company introduced its T952 – a machine deserving of the all-in-one description: it is a combination sawing center, machining center and polishing center.

Thibaut is targeting small stonemasonry enterprises which produce anything from kitchen counters to headstones and even carry out manifold special tasks for which investment, space, or funds for special machines are not available.

The French company enumerates the possibilities on its webpage: „T952 enables straight cut, inclined cut, flat polishing, 3D shaping, drilling, edge polishing… It is also possible to process thicknesses of 8 inches.“

Thanks to Thibaut’s new spindle technology at the core of the machine, coupled with the new 6 axial head, T952 performs the task of 3 machine types while offering unprecedented sturdiness and accuracy in realization of operations.

Thibaut T952.

„The linear tool magazine can receive up to 47 tools. It is possible to install several tool magazines“ according to Thibaut’s webpage.

One of T952’s innovations is its design. The doors are self-supporting, i.e. without contact with the ground. „These new doors offer a reinforced safety thanks to their dimensions and components.“

Another innovation is the big screen directly integrated into the door.

Thibaut T952 (English)


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