WorldSkills in Kazan: if stonemasons will not send participants from 12 countries, they will be out forever

The winners in Architectural Stonemasonry in 2017. Photo: WorldSkills

August 22, 2018, is the deadline to register for the Olympic Games of young professionals

August 22, 2018 is the hour of truth: if stonemasons worldwide will not register participants from 12 nations at least for the WorldSkills competition in Kazan, they will be definitely expelled from these so-called Olympic Games of young professionals. Last time in Abu Dhabi in 2017 only 11 stonemasons participated – but that is allowed only once; if in Kazan the dozen will not be reached, the craft will be out forever.

WorldSkills is an international bi-annual competition. At its 44th edition in Abu Dhabi, about 1250 young professionals from 59 countries in 51 skills participated. The patronage had Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of the country.

At WorldSkills, young professionals until the age of 22 have to perform a practical task at the highest standard of craftsmanship within a set timeframe and despite the added stress of visitors’ watchful eyes.

Bernhard Hasenöhrl, the organizer for the team from Austria, has sent out a Last Call expressing his deep worries: „Some nations have already registered, but still not enough. To prevent the worst case, please speak with your technical delegate and make sure a stonemason from your nation is coming to Kazan. It would be a shame if our wonderful skill was expelled from the great WorldSkills competition.“


Kevin Calpin, Skill Competition Manager (Mail)

Bernhard Hasenöhrl (Mail)

Author: Peter Becker

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