Bad taste by Lebanese designer Richard Jasmine: marble vases in the exact shape of bombs and missiles

JCP, Richard Jasmine: „Herma“, „Rapunza“ and „Wanda“.

Distributed by Italian studio JCP, the objects are meant to help to overcome war on Earth

Italian Design Studio JCP has sent us the following press release about Lebanese designer Richard Jasmine’s vases. Their names are „Herma“, „Rapunza“ and „Wanda“. The text is about „Herma“:

„The war still remains in many spots on earth: rockets and bombs are the nightmare of too many nations, and the damage the physiological and mental health of too many people.

„The small container comes with the idea of overcoming this horrifying reality by using the exact shape of a rocket and transforming it into a humorous, yet functional, home accessory. If opened up this vase reveals a surprise: the concept is to simulate the bang effect of a bomb, causing an explosion of joy and pleasure…

Materials: diverse matte marbles and brushed brass.“

We comment: a very bad design idea.


Author: Peter Becker

JCP, Richard Jasmine: „Herma“, „Rapunza“ and „Wanda“.JCP, Richard Jasmine: „Herma“, „Rapunza“ and „Wanda“.

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(05.08.2018, USA: 08.05.2018)