Grupo Guidoni’s quartz composite Topzstone is promoted as a technological product for the Metropolitan lifestyle

Guidoni Group, Topzstone: „Mocha“.Guidoni Group, Topzstone: „Red Lights“.

Collections are dubbed „Downtown“, „City fragments“ or Urban marble“ and more

„Lifestyle and Technology“ are the buzz-words for Grupo Guidoni’s quartz composite „Topzstone“ launched in April this year at the Exporevestir fair in São Paulo. By this, one of Brazil’s biggest producer and exporter of Granite has entered the market for artificial stone seen by many as a deadly threat for the natural stone sector.

Guidoni Group, Topzstone: „Smoky London“.

Yet a lot of producers of natural stone have already entered this field in order not to lose a rapidly growing market.

Guidoni Group, Topzstone: „Street Bellini“.

Interesting to see is the profile Guidoni gives its Topzstone: first, the word „technology“ which even points out that this new material is something different from nature-made stone (instead, many producers try to copy natural stone and even give their materials fake names like „Calacatta“).

Second, Guidoni gives Topzstone a feeling of modernity and city-lifestyle: „The 43 types of Topzstone follow contemporary hues and styles for a cosmopolitan design as it is typical for metropolises,“ as said on a company webpage in Portuguese language. It is the lifestyle in cities like São Paulo, New York, London or Shanghai Guidoni is referring to.

Guidoni Group, Topzstone: „Black Lights“.

Apart from such an emotional appeal, the company also points out the functional benefits of its new material: one is the durability (Guidoni give a warranty of 25 years),

Five collections are available, as described in a press release:
* „Absolute: 2 homogeneous colors, white and black, to assure the cleanness of lines and essentiality of surfaces;
* Downtown: 16 trendy colors, from a warm tone of hazelnut to vanilla, to gray in its different nuance;
* Spotlight: 8 colors, from red to blue, from bright gray to white, to black, enriched with pieces of glass and mirror;
* Urban Marble: 12 colors that replicate the patterns of natural stones;
* City Fragments: 5 colors, from warm cream to colder gray, with little grains that break the consistency in a unique way.

Ideal for kitchens and bathrooms countertops, it can be also used as floor and walls covering, giving a contemporary touch to any ambient.“

Guidoni Group, Topzstone: „Urban Slate“.

Grupo Guidoni has over 25 years’ experience in the extraction and processing of natural stone. It is present in 70 countries on 5 continents with 100,000 m² of industrial plants in Brazil and in Spain, more than 40 quarries for extraction and 2 distribution centers in Brazil and Italy.

The company has its birthplace in São Domingos do Norte in the Brazilian state of Espírito Santo. There is located a production site for Topzstone with a capacity of 480,000 m²/year. The new plant in Spain has a capacity of 1.2 million m².


Guidoni Group, Topzstone: „Coconut“.

Author: Peter Becker

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