EU-program Worth Partnership Project may be attractive also for stone designers with furniture ideas

Innovative „Veromarmo”-textiles by Italian Fili Pari designers using marble powder, selected for the Worth Partnership Project.

Application open until October 24, 2018 / Italian Fili Pari designers and their innovative textiles made of marble powder were accepted to the program

Worth Partnership Project is a program for young designers working in the field of product design. Funded by the European Commission, it gives 10,000 € financial support, mentorship and international exchange for the development of innovative products e.g. in furniture (with stone). Application is open until October 24, 2018.

The idea behind the program is to strengthen Europe’s economy by innovative and design-driven products. Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SME) may participate. Partners from at least two EU-countries are brought together by the organizers.

The selected partners will receive financial and capacity building support to exchange knowledge and skills between manufacturing, creative and technology companies. They can get:
* 10,000 € seed money per project,
* Individual coaching and advice on product market positioning, branding, and Intellectual Property Rights,
* Participation in two international events,
* Networking, cross-sectorial collaboration, and product development.

Applications may come from enterprises working in fashion, textiles, jewelry, footwear, eyewear, furniture and leather.

Logo of Worth Partnership Project.

In the last round, one project from the stone sector had been selected: it was Italian Fili Pari company with its innovative textile „Veromarmo“ made with a high percentage of marble powder. The company founders, Francesca Pievani and Alice Zantedeschi, were brought in contact with Motoreta Designers from Spain who have their focus on fashion for kids.

In the pilot round from 2013-2015, 6 furniture projects had been chosen from altogether 100 entries. They were:
* Portuguese cork manufacturer Granorte came together with French interior designer Elisabeth Vidal to create new cork wall units from recycled cork waste;
* Anglo-Dutch design studio Glithero collaborated with Belgian manufacturer Seifert & Skinner to produce lamps made of filaments;
* French surfers and designers Waiting for the Sun worked on a surfboard from eco-friendly materials. Portuguese La Paz was the partner;
* Danish design studio Overgaard + Dyrman have collaborated with German fashion designer Dagmar Kestner to create seats with a capsule shape primarily manufactured from material leftovers;
* German disability foundation Stiftung Finneck with the cooperative of furniture designers and metalworker Laurenz Stockner (Italy) produced a portable gardening trolley for people with or without constraints in movement;
* German social enterprise Abury worked closely with the Mihai Eminescu Trust in Romania to harness the traditional skills in leather and embroidery of the local craftspeople.

Anna Athanasopoulou, the EU-Commission’s Head of Unit for Tourism, Emerging and Creative Industries, is quoted on the project’s webpage: „We attach great importance to the Worth partnership project … Our goal is to help small companies integrate creativity and innovation into the way they produce goods or provide services so that they remain competitive and grow.”

Worth Partnership

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