People’s Choice Awards at the Chelsea Flower Show went to Projects incorporating drywalls

Chelsea Flower Show 2018: People's Choice Awards. Photo: RHS

Designers created gardens relating to their sponsors

The Chelsea Flower Show is the most renown and biggest of the 12 existing garden festivals, which take place in Great Britain throughout the warm seasons. The show’s name conjures visions of flowers and blossoms, but its theme is broader and incorporates ambiance of gardens as a whole complete with plants, trees, water, and last but not least, natural stone. This year’s People’s Choice Award honored projects, all of which included drywalls. The purse is sponsored jointly by the BBC and The Royal Horticultural Society (RSH), the latter also being the organizer of the Garden Festival.

Royal Horticultural Society (RSH)

„Welcome to Yorkshire“. Photos: RHS/Neil Hepworth„Welcome to Yorkshire“.„Welcome to Yorkshire“ was the title of the gold-medal-winning entry. The project was sponsored by the Yorkshire county Tourist Organization. No surprise then, that it included typical elements relating to the region. It was all about the Yorkshire Dales, or, simply Dales, a region distinguished by gently rolling hills and interspersed with numerous drywalls dividing the pastures.

„Welcome to Yorkshire“.„Welcome to Yorkshire“. Source: Mark GregoryThe installation at the Flower Show showed natural stone also as a protective border for a brook or as a building material for a country cottage.

Designer: Landform’s Mark Gregory

Sponsor: Welcome to Yorkshire

„A Very English Garden“. Photo: RHS/Tim SandallSilver went to a project bearing the title „A Very English Garden“. Focus was on the vault in the drywall – a construction which would challenge even specialists in masonry, according to the webpage. The arrangement offers a special optical illusion: the wall with mere color nuances acts as a backdrop to the flowers whose bright colors are intensified by the contrast.

Designer: Janine Crimmins

Realized by: Andrew Loudon, Dry Stone Waller

Sponsor: The Claims Guys

„The Silent Pool Gin Garden“. Photos: RHS/Sarah Cuttle„The Silent Pool Gin Garden“.Silver also went to a second project: „The Silent Pool Gin Garden“ backed by the distillery The Silent Pool. The garden is meant to be a place where couples can unwind after a day at the office. The drywalls are made of Portland Limestone, whose yellow hue contrasts sharply to the blue of the waterlilies. The distillers’ theme is visualized by sculptures in antique copper.

Design: David Neale realized by NealeRichards Garden Design

Sponsor: Silent Pool Distillers

Author: Eva Martín Martínez

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