Rethinking artist’s role as robot arms are making their way into stone sculpting

At first sight, robot arms and art seem to be contradictory.

Exhibition and panel discussion with 4 internationally well-known artists who use CNC-machinery in Hall 1 of Marmomac

One of the many questions is: In the future, will we see e.g. a new type of sculptors’ symposia where the robot arms stand in line doing the sculpting while the artists enjoy having a free time until giving their works the last finishing touch?

At Marmomac 2018, „Percorsi d’Arte“ (Ways of Art) will be one of the topics in The Italian Stone Theatre in Hall 1. It will comprise an exhibition of 4 artists’ works which were realized using CNC-machinery and a panel discussion of these artists (Wednesday, September 26, 16.30-17.30, Forum Area in Hall 1).

In recent years, with the spread of numerical control technologies, industry and small businesses in the natural stone sector have installed increasingly high-performance systems. Even for art workshops, initially reluctant to introduce such devices, the use of these new tools seems now to be viewed as an interesting opportunity for renewal.

This exhibition and the panel discussion seek to stimulate rethinking of artistic activity associated with this topic. All works were created starting from blocks having the same dimensions (180 x 80 x 30 cm, as it is usual in sculptors’ symposia). They were meant to stimulate enhancement of the material while also limiting the production of waste.

Artists and cooperating companies were:
Nicolas Bertoux / G.R. Marmi, Emmedue, DD
Jon Isherwood / Garfagnana Innovazione
Raffaello Galiotto (Industrial designer) / T&D Robotics, GDA Marmi e Graniti
Sylvestre Gauvrit / Denver, Taglio

Curator of the exhibition was Raffaello Galiotto.

Marmomac, September 26 – 29, 2018

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