New textures in natural stone designed by Piero Lissoni exclusively for Italian Salvatori company

Piero Lissoni, Salvatori: B-Fish.Piero Lissoni, Salvatori: B-Fish.Piero Lissoni, Salvatori: B-Fish.

The names for the tiles are „B-Fish“, „Stone Tatami“, „CNC“ and „Stone Parquet“ / Different layouts possible

Italian company Salvatori has sent us the following press releass. The mentioned tiles are available in different stones:

„We’re delighted to present new textures in natural stone, designed exclusively for Salvatori by Piero Lissoni.

The first is ,B-Fish’, an evolution of his popular Raw finish, comprising thin baton-like tiles which can be laid in uniform, staggered or herringbone patterns.

Piero Lissoni, Salvatori: Stone Tatami.

,Stone Tatami’ is Piero’s interpretation of the eponymous Japanese traditional matting technique…

Piero Lissoni, Salvatori: CNC.Piero Lissoni, Salvatori: CNC.

… whilst ,CNC’ was inspired by his visit to Salvatori’s Tuscan headquarters where he saw the Computer Numerical Control system at work and was fascinated by the way a precise pattern could be created by experimenting with machine settings.

Piero Lissoni, Salvatori: Stone Parquet.

Last but definitely not least is ,Stone Parquet’ which, as the name suggests, is an expression in natural stone of the classic wooden flooring traditionally found in historic noble buildings.

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(14.10.2018, USA: 10.14.2018)