Laboratorio del Marmo has lamps as „functional sculptures“ made with stone

Laboratorio del Marmo: „Canne“, design by Chiara Cibin.

The brand is an affiliate of Grassi Pietre company located in Nanto halfway between Verona and Venice

„Functional sculptures“ is the title Italian company Grassi Pietre gave its objects for everyday usage but with very stylish shapes. They are developed and promoted under the brand name „Laboratorio del Marmo“, an affiliate of the company based in Nanto halfway between Verona and Venice.

In its collection „On:Design:Off“ with „contemporary design“, as said on the webpage, can also be found several lamps. The company sent us a press release about two of them:

„,Canne’ (see above) – design Chiara Cibin – is a floor lamp for indoor, with fluid, dynamic and tapered lines and a design in movement, with polished chrome-plated steel stems reminiscent of delicate wind-blown reeds, each supporting a small halogen lamp. Pietra di Vicenza base.

Laboratorio del Marmo: „Piere Palla“, design by Renza Calabrese.

„,Piera-Palla’ – design Renza Calabrese – is a floor lamp for indoor. Empathic, playful and versatile, is made with a perfect half-shell in Pietra di Vicenza that houses a halogen lamp releasing an elegant light beam from the bottom up.

„Light and Stone, two primordial elements, different but complementary, they come together in a design of seductive elegance, with the lamps made of Pietra di Vicenza from the Laboratorio del Marmo by Grassi Pietre.

„The energy of light meets the strong expressiveness of the stone, flowing together in a combination of solidity and lightness and creating seductive bright atmospheres.“

Laboratorio del Marmo

Laboratorio del Marmo: „Piere Palla“ (front) and „Canne“.

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(04.12.2018, USA: 12.04.2018)