Marsotto Edizioni and Kai Hsuan Liu petrify last year’s memories in marble

Marsotto Edizioni and Kai Hsuan Liu: „Cut“.

The Taiwan-born designer creates vases for dried flowers

There are countless vases on the market today in all shapes and sizes. They have one common denominator – all are receptacles keeping a supply of water for the plant or cut flower and providing hold for the stem.

Except … if the plant or flower no-longer needs water because it is dried.

We know that some plants, leaves, stems, or flowers show their full beauty when they are dried. They are very popular among interior decorators.

The creative division of Marsotto goes by the name Marsotto Edizioni and presented its Marsotto LAB brand in spring 2018. Students of the School of fine art ECAL (École cantonale d’art de Lausanne) had created watches in natural stone. Part of the presentation was vases. The collection is called „Cut“ and is the work of designer Kai Hsuan Liu.

Marsotto Edizioni and Kai Hsuan Liu: „Cut“.

The design is minimalistic: Kai Hsuan Liu simply took waste pieces of marble, cut them at a right angle and provided a groove to hold the stem in place.

We could make a lot of smart comments: the timely existence of vegetation juxtaposed to the timelessness of stone, about the contrast between fragile dried flowers and practically indestructible material, about esteem granted to flora past the flowering period, about waste that isn’t…

Marsotto Edizioni and Kai Hsuan Liu: „Cut“.

In short: Marsotto Edizioni and Kai Hsuan Liu petrify times past – times that the French poet François Villon sought to find in his Ballad of the Ladies of Times Past.

Marsotto Edizioni

Kai Hsuan Liu

Photos: Kai Hsuan Liu for Marsotto LAB

Author: Peter Becker

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