Guidoni Group: the many shades of white in natural stone and quartz composite

Guidoni: Exotic Granite White Galaxy.

The Brazilian company starts the new year „with powerful personality striking designs“

In a press release, Guidoni Group informs:

„White is a color greatly associated to the new year’s beginning traditions; it is a classic that never goes out of style, especially because it suits distinctive styles and trends. If in the past this shade – when applied to natural or factory-made surfaces – appeared almost like a blank canvas, where the decor feature was the furniture and the decorative pieces, today these products are highlighted in projects, being applied in creative and unusual ways.

In order to provide a variety of options and thorough solutions in coverings, the Guidoni Group portfolio introduces natural stones – such as granite and quartzite – and Topzstone surfaces – material manufactured with natural quartz – summing up the transparency of white and its moving shades in contrast to the striking veins, nuances and organic designs in darker colors that stand out in opaque and glossy backgrounds…

Exotic Granite White Galaxy (see photo above): With a light chromatic palette, this natural stone features, over the white base, a rich combination of grayish veins, with striking features that cover the entire surface, conveying a minimalist and contemporary design.

Guidoni: Exotic Granite White Delicatus.Exotic Granite White Delicatus: On a pure and clean off-white background, small veins stand out to create minimalist ambiances with a more modern and cosmopolitan mood, in a rich combination of intense veins and grayish strokes.

Guidoni: Topzstone Crystal.Topzstone Crystal: Combining beauty and functionality, this surface offers the purity of white, conveying elegance and innovation, aligned with the most current trends that value subtle elements in the decor.

Guidoni: Topzstone Vanguard Carrara.Topzstone Vanguard Carrara: The soft white tone gains subtle dark veins that spread across the surface, replicating in the industrial material the marble charm, where the gentleness of the designs appear almost without interfering with the opaque bottom.

Guidoni: Topzstone Graphics.Topzstone Graphics: Translating the natural marble sophistication, the surface offers large gray veins that interchange with the golden features, creating an elegant cascade on the surface, which stands out against the neutral softness of the base.“

Guidoni: Topzstone Foam color.„New is also the Topzstone Foam color, inspired by the aesthetics of marbled natural stones, with a fashionable and cool lifestyle. Featuring details and delicate nuances similar to the natural material, the marbled surface depicts the intense shade of noble dark marbles, with prominent, graceful light-colored graphics.

The novelty in the Urban Marble Collection provides a refined aesthetic to the ambiances, giving a feeling of warmth conveyed by the earthy tone.“

Source: Guidoni Group


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