This year’s Xiamen World Stone Congress takes place in Hall B2 where the BRICS meeting had been held in 2017

Floor Map of Xiamen Stone Fair 2019.

Topics will be: alleged radiation from granite, green quarrying, product design with stone, among others / Exhibition „Stone Infinite“

This year, the World Stone Congress (WSC) on the fairground of Xiamen Stone Fair (March 06-09, 2019) will be held in Hall B2. This hall, located at the left-hand side of the main entrance, had been closed since 2017 when it had been the venue for the BRICS meeting. Now, these installations and the equipment is going to be used for the lectures about the most urgent topics of the worldwide stone sector, to take place during the first 3 days of the fair.

March 06, 2019:
* In the afternoon of the fair’s first day, experts will tell the truth about alleged Radon gas emission and radiation from granite. That topic had been very much discussed in the US about 5 years ago and has now reached China’s home market. In a press conference, the China Stone Material Association and Hans-Dieter Hensel from Hensel Geosciences, Australia will set things straight.

* „Beauty of Stone Lifestyle – Defining the uniqueness“ is the title of a lecture also to be held in the afternoon of March 06. It is part of the Stone Design Forum (see below).

Topics of the Educational Sessions in the morning and afternoon will be:
* „Doing Business in the United States“ (Natural Stone Institute, USA);
* „Understanding ASTM Standards & Stone Testing for Projects in the US“ (Natural Stone Institute, USA);
* „Promoting Natural Stone: Building the Industry Together“ (Natural Stone Institute, USA);
* „Informatization of Stone Production – 3P Solution“ (YUNFU KETE MACHINERY CO., LTD.).

March 07, 2019:
* „Green Quarrying: Sustainability is a Necessity“ will bring together lecturers from China, the US and Switzerland to show best practice how producing stone can be done with a respect for resources, nature and social live. The session is held in cooperation of with Xiamen Stone Fair.

* Italian architect Massimiliano Caviasca will speak about „New Life-Sustainability Stone Landscape and New City“.

The afternoon, the Stone Design Forum will continue its search for new product ideas:
* in the session titled „Product Design with Stone“ designers from Spain, Sweden, Germany and Indonesia will show their recent developments and tell how one can find ideas and how to realize them. This session is closely linked to the „Stone Infinite“ exhibition which will show product design items from all over the world, some from those lecturers.

Topics of the Educational Sessions in the morning and afternoon of that day will be:
* „Characteristics of Hard Stone Mining Technology“ (China Chamber of Commerce for Stone Industry – Quarry Commission);
* “How to Plan your Enterprise Strategy“ (China Chamber of Commerce for Stone Industry – Quarry Commission);
* „Natural Stone Supplier-to-Buyer Manual: Creating International Standards for Importing and Exporting“ (Natural Stone Institute, USA);
* „The NSC 373 Standard: Meeting Architect and Designer Demands for Sustainability (Natural Stone Institute, USA);
* „Panel Discussion: Commercial Installation“ (Natural Stone Institute, USA);
* „The Innovation and Application of Automatic Slabs Loader and Quick Vacuum Resinning“ (Xiamen Firestar Machinery CO., LTD);
* „Smart Countertop” (Atlas Granite Inc, Canada);
* „Big Data and Analysis on China Stone Import-Export in 2018“ (Magazine STONE);
* „Natural Stone in Architecture: the Transition from Material to Product“ (Stonex Consulting, Italy);

World Stone Comgress at Xiamen Stone Fair.

March 08, 2019:
* „Spirit of Design in Nepal – Natural Materials, Heritage & Culture“ (Sarosh Pradhan & Associates, Nepal);
* „Future of Natural Stone in the Age of Artificial Materials“ (World Natural Stone Association, Wonasa);
* „Jura Limestone, Block Quarrying and Production Techniques of Germany’s Leading Natural Stone Producer“ (Franken-Schotter, Germany);
* „Marchetti Technology Talk: Optimize Production Process“ (Officine Marchetti srl, Italy);
* „The Problems Occurred by Incorrect Application of Protective Sealer on Stone“ (Changsha Huiquan Economic & Trade Co. Ltd./Italy Faber Chinese Marketing Center);
* „Discussion on How to Reduce Production Cost Forever and Improve Stone Properties in an All-round Way“ (Hunan Magpow Building Adhesive Technology Research Institute);
* „ Innovative Research and Application of Diamond Gang Saw Blade“ (HXF SAW Co, Ltd).

„Stone Infinite” exhibition
The 2nd „Stone Infinite” exhibition has as guideline functionality and salability of the design. Shown will be products which have proved as successful in the markets, not: spectacular art pieces. The key question is: how can stone be used for objects which are beautiful, functional and can be sold? This event is also organized in cooperation of with Xiamen Stone Fair.

For the 2nd time, the „New Product Launch @XSF“ will show innovative product ideas from the stone sector. It will be held in Hall C3b which is the basement of C3L at the center of the fair.

On the morning of March 06, the 10th Global Master Architects Forum has a well-known architect from Asia as speaker. Only registered guests may participate.

The detailed program will soon be available for download at the fair’s webpage.

Xiamen Stone Fair (March 06-09, 2019)

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