DRAENERT: a bedside table that adapts to the ever higher mattresses and bedsteads

At this year’s Salone del Mobile in Milan, Draenert, a German company for exclusive furniture design shows new design developments and product enhancements

In hall 07, stand H 23

Design can aim for major advances or adapt existing household products to changed requirements by means of minimal adjustments. A case in point is designer Stephan Veit’s nightstand simply titled „Night“. Veit took a new look at sleeping rooms through the eyes of today’s consumer necessitated by the fact that mattresses have been „growing“ in the recent past: queen- and king-size beds have become large bedroom blocks.

Draenert: „Night“, design: Stephan Veit.

„Night“ is comprised of a light-weight metal stand in brass or black coloring. The eccentric hinge allows a drawer to swing out.

The top can be a slab of natural stone or leather – as usual, clients can choose from Draenert’s 180 types of natural stone and 90 hues of leather. The choice of material is a distinguishing factor of the German company, whose headquarters are near Lake Constance. Draenert is a world leading name in exclusive design.

Draenert: „Totem“, design: Quaglio Simonelli.

Another novelty, which was shown at IMM Cologne for the first time, broke with Draenert’s tradition of exclusive choice of material: „Totem“, 3 side tables by designers Quaglio Simonelli are sold only as a trio in the material combination shown. That is because the ensemble has the most beautiful effect.

Draenert: „Lope“, design: Wolfgang C. R. Mezger.

„Lope“, is another addition to the program: a rectangular table with a large format tabletop. Its designer is Wolfgang C. R. Mezger who also had conceived the round predecessor „Trilope“, also in Draenert’s program. The three-legged version has become a table with two pairs of legs in keeping with the original shape and slant.

The new additions were complemented by a number of product amendments and improvements. Designer objects of years gone by were given a new lease with innovative details.

Draenert: „Fontana“.

Take, e.g., „Fontana“: the new version has a U-shaped foot allowing the tabletop to extend almost magically. The piece has already won 4 of the most prestigious designer prizes.

Draenert: „Atlas“.

„Atlas“, also an extendable table but with a different technology now comes in the XL „Magnum“-format, previously 2.00 m (extended 2,80 m) to presently 2.8 m (extended 3.6 m).

Draenert: „Tadao“.

Dining table „Tadao“ has a new foot. Whereas it was originally set on stone wings, the conical foot has been added to the repertoire with an accent set by a disk at the base of the cone.

Draenert: „Victor“.

„Victor“, too, has enjoyed a product enhancement: it is now available in all stone types Draenert has to offer. For reasons of mass, the tabletop comes in a strength of 2 cm. The edges are added giving the impression of a much more massive slab.

Draenert: „Surf“, design: Hakakian & Harper.

„Surf“ is unique: a coffee-table with metal tube legs somewhat akin to a hoof. The wooden table top has heightened edges. Its designers were Hakakian & Harper.

The design underscores the mobility of a coffee table of this size and weight.


Photos/Renderings: Draenert

In hall 07, stand H 23

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