In her side-table „Gravity“, designer Hanne Willmann uses marble appropriately for the material

Hanne Willmann, Favius: „Gravity“.

Nevertheless, the beauty of the natural stone is preserved

There is always a challenge in using stone for coffee-tables or side-tables: it is used for the tabletop because of its value and because of its stylish appearance. The result is that the center of gravity is near the top of the furniture making it unstable.

But: where else should one place it? At the base where it is out of sight?

Berlin-based designer Hanne Willmann took on the challenge for the Favius brand. Voilà, „Gravity“: the heavy material moved to the appropriate position at the base of the furniture. The tabletop is made of wood.

The art is in assuring that the stylish marble (in our photos Brecchia Perni and Nero Marquina) catches the eye of the beholder. To this end, Willmann stood small slabs of marble on end and interlocked them much like the foot of paper dolls some readers might remember from times gone by. The table looks like it is wearing booties.

Hanne Willmann, Favius: „Gravity“.

As the eye moves upward, the material morphs and with it the design: massif stone turns into thin metal rods, light and lofty, and end in a wooden tabletop, warm to the touch.

We had already introduced „Network“, another article in the Favius gamut. It profits of the same effect with the aid of a taut wire mesh.

„Gravity“ made its debut at the IMM Cologne Trade Fair 2019. Together with „Network“ the Favius collections will be shown at the „Stone Infinite“ exhibition at Xiamen Stone Fair (March 7th – 9th, 2019). Hanne Willmann will be one of the lecturers, there.

Hanne Willmann established her design studio in Berlin in 2015 where she studied at the University of Fine Arts, at which she now teaches. After studying in Berlin, Willmann moved on to the Elisava Barcelona School of Design and Engineering and worked in Istanbul for „Autoban“ Studio and in Berlin for Designer Werner Aisslinger. She was awarded the A&W „Design-Talent-of-the-Year Award“ in 2015 and received the German Design Prize „Newcomer Finalist 2016“.

Favius entertains its headquarters in Regensburg in Bavaria and places great value on quality material. All products are produced in Germany. The range of their products extends from chairs and tables to vases and bowls. Favius’ founder is Christian Stoffel, a designer himself.

Studio Hanne Willmann


Photos: Favius

Hanne Willmann.

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