Brazil’s natural Stone exports for 2018 down by (-)10.35% relative to 2017

Abirochas „Informe 1/2019“.

In South America, too, engineered stone is playing an increasingly important role

The good news first, even if it is a questionable achievement from the point of view of the natural stone branch: Brazil’s exports in engineered stone and quartz composites amounted to 3.8 million US-$ or 6.5 t in 2018 according to Abirochas’ publication „Informe 1/2019“.

The footnote by the authors at Kistemann & Chiodi Consultants was most interesting: „… this deserves to be noticed and a follow-up“. In the past few years they never tired to warn of the emerging engineered stone.

Is this a sign of change in Brazil’s natural stone economy, e.g.: if you can’t beat them, join them – and exploit the earnings along the way (quote: „be noticed and a follow-up“).

After all: one of the big fish in the branch, namely Grupo Guidoni, stated just that in an interview with and has already invested considerable sums of money in production sites and material at home and in Spain (see below).

Note: even in the diamond branch, synthetic stones have suddenly appeared on the market. DeBeers, leader in the branch, recently jumped on the bandwagon and began producing synthetic diamonds. The aim, as we had reported: was to have a say in the market and do keep prices considerably lower than those of real diamonds.

Back to Abirochas’ statistics. We restrict our report to keywords as the statistics merely confirm the trend of the last few years:

* Exports in natural stone production amounted to 992.55 US-$ in 2018. That was -10.35% as compared to the year prior;
* in tons the exports made up 2.2 million (-6.88%);
* the value-added products were down (-)13.6%;
* the current mean price was 452 US-$/t (2017: 477 US-$/t);
* the USA what with a quota of 59.9% are by far the most important target market by value (2017: 12.3%);
* China’s share as target of Brazil’s stone exports rose to 14% by value (2017: 12,3%);
* Brazil also saw a local increase in consumption of engineered stone.

„Informe 1/2019“ (Portuguese, pdf)

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(08.04.2019, USA: 04.08.2019)