French sculptor Elsa creates a „Tree of Rest“ made of slate for the forest cemetery in Kehlen, Luxembourg

Elsa’s „Tree of Rest“. Photos: Elsa

Natural stone from Herbeumont in nearby Belgium is used

„When it comes to death, one often speaks of returning to earth or ascending to heaven,” French sculptor Elsa says of her current work. It is a „Tree of Rest“(Arbre de Repos), she’s working out of 2 slabs of slate for the forest cemetery in the municipality Kehlen in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

Until May 19, 2019, he’s working open air under the eyes of the public as the framework of her sculpting event is the Festival of Culture and Art on that day in Kehlen.

Elsa is at home in southern France near the perfume town of Grasse. The subject of her artistic work is herbal motifs, mostly leaves in their various forms. Her preferred material is slate, here the variety of Ardoise d’Herbeument. It is quarried in a city with the same name in nearby Belgium.

Elsa working in her open-air studio.

This time, she works on 2 stone slabs measuring 150x175x10 cm with around 10 t each. Both the front and the rear shall depict a tree’s trunk and branches in the stone. The leaves will be made of stainless steel and will bear the names of the deceased.

The slabs will be placed at the forest cemetery.

While she works at the address 7 rue de Kopstal, 16 school classes will visit her open-air studio. At the same time, there is an exhibition of sculptures made of slate, in which this natural stone is shown in 15 varieties.

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