Antoniolupi and designer Paolo Ulian: „Plissè“ washbasin inspired by marble surfaces but made of artificial stone

Antoniolupi, Paolo Ulian: „Plissè“.

Flumood is a new material composed of aluminum hydroxide and synthetic resins with low styrene content

New surfaces of natural stone washbasins have been a topic for designer Paolo Ulian and Italian company Antoniolupi since long. Their latest product brings together an idea originally developed in Carrara marble and now realized in Flumood artificial stone: „Plissè“ is the name of freestanding washbasin with parallel lines running down its surface.

„The idea is born from observing the aesthetic and decorative texture that is created by working high thicknesses of marble with a waterjet cutting technology; aesthetics based on the spontaneous beauty of imperfection, irregularity of rhythm, and of randomness. The traces that become ornament and make the image of this washbasin light,“ as said in the company’s press release.

Antoniolupi, Paolo Ulian: „Plissè“.

„Flumood is a material composed, for the most part, from aluminum hydroxide and synthetic resins with low styrene content,“ Antoniolupi informs on its webpage. „Thanks to its intrinsic characteristics it is perfect to make washbasins and tops, but reveal his ductility even when employed for making other elements. The versatility of Flumood allows to create any form, to break new ground, to interpret different needs.“


Paolo Ulian

Renderings: Antoniolupi

Antoniolupi, Paolo Ulian: „Plissè“.

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