Stone Sculpture Symposium in Sprimont, Belgium from August 09 until 25 2019

The Centre d’Interpretation de la Pierre (CIP)

The event’s focus is on the local limestone „Petit Granit“ and its new information center CIP

In the Belgian town of Sprimont, not far from Liège, and not far from Germany and Luxembourg, the sculpture symposium will take place from August 09 to 25, 2019. Parallel to this will be held an exhibition on stone design with lectures and artistic demonstrations.

The venue is the Centre d’Interpretation de la Pierre (CIP, translated as: center for interpretation of natural stone). It comprises 2 giant halls which remind glass palaces and which once housed the power plant for the nearby quarries and stone factories.

It’s all about the locally quarried Sprimont Blue, one of those so called „Petits Granits“ (Small Granites) that Belgium once exported to the whole world and that is actually limestone.

This stone is also the material for the sculpture symposium. Ten artists from Belgium, France, Great Britain, Iran and the Netherlands will present work on the grounds of the CIP.

There are some innovations for the 26th edition of the symposium this year:
* a presentation of natural stone design with jewelry and carpentry work;
* a performance of the artists Christophe Génard and Jean-Yves Vossius who will form the glass at 1100 degrees on the opening evening;
* on August 16, artist Marc Vander Elst, who also takes part in the design presentation, will lecture about „Behind every imperfection there is a story“;
* on August 23, Francis Tourneur will speak about the famous „Pierre Blue’s” quarries before WW 1. He is a geologist and an expert for Belgium’s stone sector.

The lectures will be in French, but speaking English, German or Dutch is normal there.


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