Citco Privé presents Pop Art with marble: Freddie Mercury, Batman, and a Mural with ample multicolored natural stone

Citco Privé 2019: Freddie Mercury.

Italian Company propagates „a more fun and joyful use of marble“

The Italian Citco company, known for its avant-garde interior décor ideas in natural stone, came up with something new in its Citco Privé brand this year: its collection included works „showing a more fun and joyful use of marble, that is too often seen as a hard and cold material“ according to the company webpage. Pop Art was the origin of the idea for these objects in stone.

Citco Privé 2019: Batman.Citco Privé 2019: „Urban DNA“.

The pieces made their début at Milan’s Salone del Mobile. E.g. a relief showing a triple image of Freddie Mercury’s silhouette in Nero Marquina, Asia Gold, and Rosso Verona marble in 275 x 215 cm dimension, or the near 2 m high Batman in – what else – black Nero Marquina Marble, or the mural „Urban DNA“ over 6 m x 3 m in stone intarsia.

In contrast, the marble furniture also presented by Citco Privé as a continuation of last year’s collection seemed to almost harmless.


Photos/renderings: Citco / Peter Becker

Citco Privé 2019: table „Drip Drop“.Citco Privé 2019: Marble wall „Petit Solitaire“ (350 x 380cm).Citco Privé 2019: marble wall „Voile“ (350 x 350 cm).Citco Privé 2019: sideboard „Violet“ (253 x59,5 cm - h 143 cm).Citco Privé 2019: mirrors „Isobel and Sybil“.Citco Privé 2019: marble carpet „Bulb“.Citco Privé 2019: table „Dalmazia“.Citco Privé 2019: tables „Kiwi“.

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(09.08.2019, USA: 08.09.2019)