With „Ecco“ Akdo Company, together with designer Craig Copeland, is implementing the Twin-Stone-Technology for modern furniture manufacturing

Akdo, Craig Copeland: „Ecco“.

Two slabs of super-thin stone are laminated together and mounted on a stainless-steel porter

„Ecco“ ist the name of the new collection by Turkish Akdo Company and US-designer Craig Copeland. Translated from Latin Ecco means „here and now“ and is meant to express that design is defined by today‘s wishes: individualism, flexibility, and sustainability.

As far as the material is concerned, Akdo is impementing the Twin-Stone-Technology: two superthin slabs of marble are lamiated together. That makes the stone as durable as a much thicker slab of stone.

As far as individuality and flexibility are concerned, the customer is king. He can pick and chose the desired materials and combinations. It is well known that many consumers are keen on such an opportunity.

The collection is comprized of 9 objects including tables, consoles and even benches. The twin-stone-slabs rest on a stainless-steel honeycomb frame. The unique characteristic is the lightness of weight including the steel honneycombe porter.

The edges of the stone slabs are slanted.

Akdo is a brand of Turkish stone quarrier and manufacturer Silkar. The company has production facilities in Turkey and China, as well as distribution centers in the US and Turkey, that allow global reach. It has two peculiarities: one is modern product design for stonem the other one is innovation and technology. A recent new introduction to the market was Akdolam which combines super-thin-stone with a honeycomb porter.

Craig Copeland is a Principal at the New York office of Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects, where he has been Design Team Leader for several of New York City’s high-end commercial and luxury residential projects, including Brookfield Place, the Visionaire and the Centrale. He is an accomplished monumental stone sculptor and founder of Situcraft, a design studio and fabricator in Long Island City. Craig received a Master of Architecture from Yale University and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Florida. He was also Fulbright Scholar and Visiting Artist at the American Academy in Rome.


Akdo, Craig Copeland: „Ecco“.Akdo, Craig Copeland: „Ecco“.Akdo, Craig Copeland: „Ecco“.

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