Akdotex: Natural stone tiles with innovative textures and as mosaics in almost infinite combinations

Tile Collection: „Birds“, Marble Dark Olive.

The Turkish brand Akdo presents its latest design collection as a world first in Verona

In the tile industry, 3D surfaces have been a big topic for some time. After long research and development, Turkish Akdo brand now presents its new Akdotex collection at Marmomac: the surfaces carry fine textures or the tiles themselves are composed of very special mosaics using these textures, respectively.

The objects in the Tile Collection are mostly named after plants or phenomena of nature: Rain, Birds, Wicker or Wood are some examples. Their design is reminiscent of the namesake.

Tile Collection: „Frame“, Marble Dark Olive.Tile Collection: „Patchwork“, Marble Dark Olive.

In addition, some objects pick up textures from civilization, such as frames or patchwork.

The tiles are available in 2 sizes: as a rectangle (30.5 x 61 cm) or as a square (61 x 61 cm). The thickness is 1 cm. The marble used is Carrara, Calacatta, Dark Olive and Marmara White. Some objects are only available in a reduced material selection.

Mosaic Collection: „Bosphorus“, Marble Calacatta with Bronze Mirror.Mosaic Collection: „Khafre“, Marble Dark Olive with Silver.

In the Mosaic Collection, the textures are combined with mosaic-like tile composition: The Tesserae in many geometrical shapes bear the surfaces of the Tile Collection. Tesserae is the technical term for the small stones in a mosaic.

There are also tesserae with a polished surface and also surfaces or joints with silver, gold or bronze. The range of combination is almost unlimited.

Many of the names of the objects have a mythical appeal: Babylon, Bosphorus, Cheops or Machu Picchu, just to name a few.


Tile Collection: „Wicker“, Marble Calacatta.Tile Collection: „Wood“, Marble Marmara White.Mosaic Collection: „Ephesus“, Marble Carrara with Silver.Mosaic Collection: „Taj Mahal“, Marble Calacatta with Gold.

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(20.09.2019; USA: 09.20.2019)