More confusion: is the name of Verona’s Stone Trade Fair „Marmomac“ or „Marmo+Mac“?

The current logo of Marmomac.

The new logo brought on even more confusion, not because it is poorly chosen, on the contrary: because it is so good

The confusion could not be greater: after 3 years with the new name and logo Marmomac, no-one really knows the facts. In press releases of numerous companies and in teasers in the international press we often encounter the name „Marmo+Mac“.

This, however, is wrong. Back in 2016, at the 51st Marmomacc, both the name and the logo were officially changed.

So, where’s the confusion?

One step at a time: It was back in 2016, that „Marmomacc“ dropped its second -c. Thus, the new name: Marmomac.

So far so good.

But the Logo was also changed and now reads: „Marmo+Mac“. The name and font are meant to emphasize that the fair „represents a multi-faceted industry“, according to the press-release.

Obviously, the new logo fits the bill perfectly, reflecting the picture the industry has of the Verona Fair, which is why it is finding such a popularity with the industry and the press – as a name for the Fair itself.

Screenshot of Marmomac's webpage.

On its webpage, the fair continuous to call itself „Marmomac“, which is truely its official name as we were told by Zed_Comm Agency, responsible for press communication (and doing excellent work we might add).

Our screenshot of the webpage merely one more logo in form of „M+“.

As far as visual communication is concerned, this is a Super-GAU. The changes have led to uncertainty regarding the brand name of the Fair.

Or is it the hidden intent at changing the name to „Marmo+Mac“ altogether, introducing the change bit by bit?

Unfortunately, the Trade Fair has no visible press attaché responsible for decisions binding statements and whom we might have asked.

A glance at the automobile industry

Similar actions can be observed in the automobile industry. We already know that propulsion will change to electric, hybrid or something else in future and companies are working on adapting their logos to accommodate the metamorphosis.

One example was the subject of an article in online-magazine Dezeen: The VW logo for its new electrically powered vehicle will merely brandish the colors – no shading or textures. The customer will not be conscious of the change, but the subliminal message is clear.

2D structures are popular in graphic design today and an expression of going with the times according to Dezeen.


Video of the Marmomac-Logo

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