Brazilian designer Ludson Zampirolli and Gramizini Company: blocks of raw marble as „Truffles“

Ludson Zampirolli, Gramazini: „Slipper“.

The marketing concept is compelling: create an analogy to a luxurious lifestyle / The designer’s role as a „Truffle hound“

Building a bridge to haute cuisine, Brazilian Designer Ludson Zampirolli and Gramazini Company promulgate their exclusive marble: „Coleção Truffas“ (the Truffle Collection) – raw blocks of Enigma Marble are dubbed „Truffles“.
But the story has a twist.

The first design object made of this material was introduced at the High Design Expo Trade Fair in São Paolo inform of a sink dubbed „Slipper“. The stone’s distinguishing factor was its deep brown color with striking white veins.
The text describing it on the designer’s web page swoons almost endlessly in Portuguese telling of a truffle mushroom which grows below the earth surface and is highly esteemed by chefs all over the world.

It goes on to explain that the Enigma Marble is composed of lime sediments, interspersed with organic material lending the stone its unique color. The radiant and sometimes wide veins are calcite crystals deposited over millions of years along water grooves in the stone.

Ludson Zampirolli, Gramazini: „Slipper“.

The stone is quarried in the North East of Bahia province where there was a sea many thousands of years ago.
The unusual thing about the marketing concept is not the bridge to a luxurious lifestyle. Many stone producers turn to this method to make stone palatable for the well-to-do.

But drawing an analogy to this gnarly tubers occurring naturally in black and white also „false“ truffle was a first as far as we know.

Ludson Zampirolli, Gramazini: „Slipper“.Ludson Zampirolli, Gramazini: „Slipper“.

We had also not heard of a company which named the number of the raw blocks from which an object was cut. „Slipper“, e.g., shown at the Trade Fair, originated from block 17675-3.

The block was named repeatedly on the web page as was the allegation that a designer had to work like a „truffle hound“ tirelessly seeking out suitable blocks and markings which fit just so for the envisaged wash basin.

Only blocks not suitable for other purposes were right for the job – waste, actually…

Ludson Zampirolli informed us that the company had sold some 20 „Slippers“ to a dwelling complex in Miami.

Strangely, that was the end of production – as There was only a limited number of raw blocks not suitable for other usage was available. So this was a special limited edition so to say.

Ludson Zampirolli, Zidea (Portuguese)


Ludson Zampirolli at the booth of Gramazini, High Design Expo (August 2019).

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