Cersaie’s „Famous Bathrooms“ is a compilation of exclusive ceramics and bathroom accessories over the decades

Cersaie 2019: „Famous Bathrooms“.

Unlike Marmomac’s „Italian Stone Theatre“ this production is not opulent but a definite eye-catcher

The Cersaie Exhibition of Ceramic Tile and Bathroom Furnishings in Bologna has a number of similarities to Verona’s Marmomac: both take place simultaneously and address architects and designers as important target groups, they both have extensive accompanying programs, and both see their mission in propagation of the Made in Italy brand name.

But the methods used to accomplish their goals are very different indeed: Marmomac puts on a grand show in Hall 1 with its „Italian Stone Theatre“ and objects presented as design need not necessarily be usable – they are meant to impress.

Cersaie, on the other hand, is down to earth with its presentation in part of Hall 30 but none the less creative and no less witty. And, all pieces exhibited can be implemented in a normal household.

Put another way: Made in Italy at Marmomac is for the well-to-do, the focus of company sales. Cersaie speaks to the middle-class.

This year’s Cersaie presentation in Hall 30 stood under the title „Famous Bathrooms“. But surprisingly these were not randomly chosen highlights of interior décor. Curator Angelo Dall’Aglio and Davide Vercelli had targeted particular eras. Participating companies sought famous people and added ceramics and accessories matching the times.

The aim was to convince buyers to buy products Made in Italy, as said in the documentation.

Polis Ceramiche: Neil Armstrong.
Polis Ceramiche: Neil Armstrong.

Of course, Neil Armstrong in his space suit standing on the surface of the moon caught our eye. But at close scrutiny, we noticed two tiles: Polis Ceramice Company had emulated the footprints on the moon in ceramic.

We show some of the 32 works.


Panaria Ceramica: Woody Allen. Galeria Cavour: Coco Chanel.Fima Carlo Frattini: Piet Mondrian.Eterno Ivica: Sigmund Freud.Eterno Ivica: Marlene Dietrich.Cantoni Trading: Cleopatra.Emilgroup: Maria Callas.Pedrali: Ernest Miller Hemingway.Flaminia: Le Corbusier.Heatile: Isaac Asimov.Eurorama: Frank Lloyd Wright. Cosentino: Antonio Gaudí.Cordivari Design: Leonardo da Vinci.Giacobazi: John Lennon.

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