Renovation of famous Christ Cathedral in California with Grigio Alpi limestone from Italian Grassi Pietre company

Christ Church, California.

The stone is honed, pretreated and vein cut that its gray shades perfectly match the church’s furnishings

Italian family-owned Grassi Pietre stone company sent us the following press release about the renovation of Christ Cathedral in California from 2014 until 2019:

Christ Cathedral is among the projects that make us most proud. Centre of worship for over one million Catholics in Orange County in California, this House of God is today an international point of reference for believers throughout the world. Among the largest churches in North America, the cathedral can welcome over 2000 people at once.

During a visit to our company, chief architect Steve H. Chung by Johnson Fain Study discovered our Grigio Alpi. This particular limestone from our quarries, among all the others, firmly impressed the architect and has been chosen for this prestigious project. Now it is certainly the predominant material of the internal space: elegant, fine and with neutral tonalities.

Christ Church, California.Christ Church, California.

The interior of Christ Cathedral has been totally renovated. Grassi Pietre supplied the flooring materials, suitable for high pedestrian traffic and perfect for the stylistic choice of the project.

The Grigio Alpi is honed, pretreated and vein cut: a solution that has brought the gray shades to perfectly match the furnishings of the cathedral.

All the floors were made with a regular custom size, as specified by our clients.

Special elements have also been studied and produced, with a longer shape and with a greater thickness, to cover the steps and the altar.

Christ Church, California.Christ Church, California.

For this important work, Grassi Pietre has supplied around 1800 square meters of material, between 2 and 3 centimeters thick, coming from the same quarry area.

Christ Cathedral was designed by world-known architect Philip Johnson and his partner John Burgee as a concept of religious theater – it is both a television set and a stage. The glass coating was made upon the desire of Rev. Robert Schuller to open the church to the „sky and the surrounding world”.

Grigio Alpi limestone from Grassi Pietre.

The exterior of the cathedral is the same as planned by the original project, made by the famous architect Philip Johnson, with a structure in glass, in dialogue with the surrounding environment.

The interior space measures 60 meters wide, 120 meters long and 40 meters long height. The place of worship is over 3700 square meters and 3250 meters squares for the lower levels. The star-shaped cathedral structure is earthquake-proof and resistant to winds beyond 100 miles per hour. Some of the more than 10,000 mirror glasses can open to facilitate ventilation.

Source: Grassi Pietre

Christ Cathedral

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