Miscellaneous: ideas with natural stone

Landart-Projekt by Yoshihiro Mikami.A deep cut in the ground clad with red walls is a land-art project by Japanese artist Yoshihiro Mikami. The theme of her work is the change in the relationship between nature and mankind.

German stone design company KMD’s webpage received with one of the German Design Awards 2020 in the category Web & Mobile.

The French stone organization Pierrres Marbrières de Rhône-Alpes has been approved to bear the seal of a Indication Géographique (French, 1).

New webpage: Italian Stone Assocation Confindustria Marmomacchine has updated its webpage. Among the new features is a search for products and producers. New is also the International Stone Network (ISN) „that allows foreign stone companies to enter the association’s community to encourage cooperation and provide opportunities to create new synergies with Italian member companies and develop Business-to-Business relations“.

A report in NPR magazine is about countertop workers in the US cutting engineered stone and getting sick.

Altrock uses reclaimed byproducts from the natural stone sector for its Terrazzo.

In Arizona, the massive „Wizard Rock“ boulder had mysteriously disappeared but recently reappeared.

„The future of ceramics is global and fully digital“ is the result of an International Business Forum held in November 2019 in Modena and organized by Acimac and Italian Exhibition Group – Tecnargilla.

San Antonio Museum of Art unveiled its 6.5 t Taihu rock which is a present from sister city Wuxi. Such limestone rocks are shaped by water over eons.

British construction group SigmaRoc has signed an agreement to purchase CDH Développement SA, the holding company of Carrières du Hainaut SCA and CDH International SCA, in order to expand in the Benelux market.

Video of the month: the Studlagil Canyon on iceland has spectacular walls of basalt columns (1, 2).

(02.12.2019, USA: 12.02.2019)