I Sassi di Assisi: bringing design into the circular economy of marble remnants

I Sassi di Assisi: „Iride“.

The sink collection „Iride“ was awarded the ADI Italian Industrial Design Prize

„Waste is not waste“, according to the portfolio of Corneli Company presenting their „Iride“ collection. That’s nothing new but it can’t be said often enough. The company is situated on the outskirts of Umbria’s town of San Venanzo and with it, it has gained confirmation of the concept – producing sinks out of remnants.

The pieces were honored with the ADI Design Award 2019 of the Organization of Italian Industrial Designers. Od, though, that „Iride“ won the prize in the category ceramics.

Francesca Corneli, daughter of the family-owned company and architect in her own right, designed the sinks in 3 variations: one stand-alone, and two for integration in a vanity.

Other objects along the same lines are the Ellipse Bath and Ellipse Sink as well as Eto and Eto Box.

The company goes by the brand name I Sassi di Assisi – the stones of Assisi.

I Sassi di Assisi

Photos: I Sassi di Assisi

I Sassi di Assisi: washbasin „Eto“.

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