Marmomac 2019: Young Stone Project with many ideas

Bari Polytechnic University: „Modo Lapis“.Bari Polytechnic University: „Modo Lapis“.

Students from universities all across Italy developed prototypes for innovative implementation of natural stone

How to find new ideas for products or innovative implementation of natural stone? Marmomac has been showing how for 3 years running: bring together universities and producers to a cooperation and show the results under a common roof.

Six universities from all across Italy participated this year, more precisely their faculties of architecture and engineering or art and design respectively. Namely:
* Bari Polytechnic University, Department of Architecture;
* University of Pescara, Department of Architecture;
* University of Rome La Sapienza, Department of Civil Construction Engineering;
* University Institute of Architecture in Venice (IUAV);
* Cignaroli Academy of Fine Arts in Verona;
* Verona Academy of Fine Arts.

In addition, the faculty of marble of San Zeno School, Sant’Ambrogio di Valpolicella.

The participating producers are named in the pdf below in relation to the projects. They were from the natural stone sector or affiliated sector for tools and machinery. In cooperation with the teaching staff and students they transformed drafts into prototypes. The latter were then shown in Hall 1 (Italian Stone Theatre). Professional designers and professors also presented drafts.

The initiative’s curators were industrial designer Raffaello Galiotto and architect Vincnezo Pavan. In their press release they emphasize the experimental character of the works and make a point of thanking the production enterprises for their cooperation.

Marmomac was but the stage, providing the space to show the prototypes but also ensuring that pieces were completed in time for the big Fair.
The Fair Organizers even signed a Memorandum of Understanding on Natural Stone Design with the University of Venice.

Bari Polytechnic University: „Lithic Fabric“.Verona Academy of Fine Arts: „Please Touch“ (left), „Marbled“.Verona Academy of Fine Arts: „Wormhole“ (left), „Endless“.Verona Academy of Fine Arts: „Rewind“ (left), „Cont Roll“.Verona Academy of Fine Arts: „Mesh 2nd - classificato“.Verona Academy of Fine Arts: „Quill 3rd - classificato“.Verona Academy of Fine Arts: „Choise 1st - classificato“.University of Pescara: „Trame 1 - Metamorfosi“ (left), „Trame 2 - Fossi(le)mani“.University of Pescara: „Trame 3 - Vertigo“.University of Pescara: „Trame 4 - Fluttuy“ (left), „Trame 5 Silhouette“.University of Rome La Sapienza: „Stone Silence, acoustic façade panel“ (left), „Suspended Stone, marble stool“.University of Rome La Sapienza: „Talkin Stone, by QRcode“ (left), „Marble Glass Block, Pietracemento“.University of Rome La Sapienza: „Ride_In, urban desk“.University Institute of Architecture in Venice: „Ruth“.

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