Aparentment-Iberian design: household items ready for assembly

Aparentment, Josep Vila Capdevial: „Fit“.

Josep Vila Capdevial adopts „geometric, organic, and not perfect“ as the guiding principles behind his design

Josep Vila Capdevial, originating from the vicinity of Barcelona, loves minimalist design, which he implemented in his brand Aparentment. Playfull and minimalist best describe his current collection called „Fit”: all three household items, mirror, candleholder, and side table, are assembled as simple wood joints or the foot of a paper doll.

That is the first impression, but there may be more behind the idea. The designer himself names „geometric, organic, and not perfect“ as the guiding principle behind his design: the elements are plain rectangular slabs. Natural stone is an organic material and as such imperfect, what with the craters and gaps that come with travertine.

Aparentment, Josep Vila Capdevial: „Fit“.

Josep Capdevial is opposed to filling the gaps as is often seen. „The holes give the elements a special charm as a contrast to the geometrical layout,” he says in an interview.

The plug-in system, with which the individual parts are joined together, nevertheless has various special features.

For example, it solves the weight problem that comes with massive stone. Even the large side table, weighing in at around 65 kg, can be moved easily, simply by disassembling and putting it back together at the new location.

Aparentment, Josep Vila Capdevial: „Fit“.

This is important when it comes to shipping. The designer has many clients in the USA.
Ease of assembly and disassembly also encourages buyers to create their own composition, perhaps with other elements.

„I’m curious to see what kind of ideas come up,” Josep says in conversation. For him, „the dialogue with the customer” is an important characteristic of successful design.


Aparentment, Josep Vila Capdevial: „Fit“.

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