„Percorsi d’Arte“ shows how new technologies open doors for sculptors (3)

Nicolas Bertoux: „Diapason“.

Four artists and industrial designer Raffaello Galiotto developed works previously impossible to accomplish

New technologies are their influence on art, too. A case in point is the transformation of iron to steel, achieved around 1800 and which led to ground-breaking implementation for piano building around 1850. It was the grand piano what with its steel strings and cast-iron frame that allowed artists the likes of Franz Liszt to demonstrate the full extent of their talent.

A similar development is currently widening the scope for stone sculpting: CNC driven robotic arms with diamond wire and waterjet are such technologies.

Four sculptors and industrial designer Raffaello Galiotto delved into new possibilities in the „Percorsi d’Arte“-project (Ways of Art). Their works were presented in Hall 1 at Marmomac.

We will be introducing the artists and their ideas in the weeks to come.

This time the choice falls on Nicolas Bertoux, „Diapason” (octave):

Nicolas Bertoux: „Diapason“.Nicolas Bertoux: „Diapason“.

„This sculpture came into being from a single two-dimensional rectangular slab. Five sinuous, angled cuts were made in the slab – inspired by the altitude curves of topographic maps – generated by a numeric control water jet machine with 5 axes. This processing created 6 elements that were re-composed and assembled on top of each other, thereby creating a three-dimensional composition with a mountainous silhouette.

Nicolas Bertoux: „Diapason“.

The overall composition is positioned vertically to create an imposing gateway effect recalling the monumental entrance to certain stone quarries.

Combinig these elements by no means seeks to hide the displacements of the surfaces but, rather, these movements exalt the richness of the material and the fluidity of the machining operation.”

Production: Cms

Material: Bianco Carrara marble

Nicolas Bertoux: „Diapason“.

Nicolas Bertoux was born in France and began his career as an interior architect in Paris before focusing entirely on sculpture. His main goal is to integrate his works into the environment by taking inspiration from the space, culture, history and nature of the location. His monumental sculptures have been installed in France at the European Parliament in Strasbourg and in Ronchamp city centre. Other public art projects can be seen in Taiwan at the Taipei Transport Institute, the Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts and the Hsin Chu Cultural Centre, as well as Shanghai Corporate Avenue and the Beijing Olympic Park in China.

Together with Cynthia Saw he has founded die Fondazione Arkad located in Seravezza near Carrara in a former marble factory. There, courses for sculptors are offered as well as seminars about the future of sculpting. More than this, exhibitions and events are regularly held.

Nicolas Bertoux

Fondazione Arkad

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