In Erik Olovsson’s new vase collection, the stone protects and stabilizes the glass

Erik Olovsson: „Drill“ vases.Erik Olovsson: „Drill“ vases.

The Swedish designer uses remnants from the processing and makes color compositions

We have often asked the question what stone as a material can actually do, i.e. where and for what purpose it can be used. Answers have been: it is suitable when you are building a hard material or a heavy one, to name only two properties. It is also more durable than most other materials.

Swedish designer Erik Olovsson brings out another aspect in his new vase collection: stone can play a protective role. This is, so to speak, the simultaneous application of the aforementioned functions. Because hardness, weight and duration are always important when you want to protect something – if you don’t want to make use of these properties, the only way to achieve as much protection as possible is to hide it.

Erik Olovsson: „Drill“ vases.Erik Olovsson: „Drill“ vases.

What is protected at Olovsson are glass vases again. In his last collection the stone had merely given the containers stability. This also plays a role now.

„Part chaos and part control, the vases are an exercise in improvisation,” the designer himself writes. He got the idea from pieces of waste that he noticed in the surroundings of Carrara. He reworked their outer form with hammer and chisel.

Part of the current collection is also the drill hole, which was previously driven into the stone for a different purpose. Hence the collection’s name „Drill”.

Erik Olovsson: „Drill“ vases.Erik Olovsson: „Drill“ vases.

The vases are very simple in form. They are mouth-blown, and Olovsson himself describes them as „heavy”.

His conclusion about his way of using stone and glass: „A contrast that elevates the brut nature of the marble further.”

Erik Olovsson: „Spine“ table.

Also new is Olovsson’s table „Spine”. Here he has used a resin top resting on an aluminum base.

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