Cosentino’ Silestone Institute: quarantine is the moment to spend more time in the kitchen!

The Silestone Institutes recommends to re-discover the kitchen during quarantine.

April 7th was the International Day of Health. On that occasion, Spanish producer of natural stone and artificial stone, which are much used for kitchen countertops, sent us the following press release from its Instituto Silestone. The Institute „is an international platform dedicated to researching and disseminating knowledge about the kitchen space, both domestically and professionally,” according to Cosentino:

The kitchen is a multifunctional space where we not only culinary tasks are carried out but also other activities that help us take care of ourselves and relax independent form if we are spending time alone or in company.

This is the moment to spend more time in the kitchen!

The Silestone Institute recommends these activities:
1) Cook, find different recipes, prepare or improvise new dishes or try different flavors;
2) Take the chance to teach the kids to cook and adopt good hygiene and food safety habit
3) Take an aperitif or have a virtual coffee;
4) Celebrate an anniversary or an online meal with family and friends;
5) Do telework and connect with our coworkers;
6) Enjoy playing with the kids;
7) Learn to recycle and manage food to avoid waste;
8) Learn to organize the kitchen space to make it more comfortable and pleasant;
9) Listen to music and take the chance to sing without any inhibitions.

Let’s share our activities in the kitchen through social networks and video calls with our family and friends.

Silestone Institute

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(09.04.2020, USA: 04.09.2020)