Italian Biesse Group has published the 3. edition of its Sustainability Report

Alessandra Parpajola, executive member of the group's board of directors and active promoter of the company’s sustainability plan. Photo: Biesse

The document gives an overview of the company’s economic, social, and environmental performance in 2019

Italian Biesse Group, a leading producer of machines for the processing of natural stone and other materials, has published the 3. edition of its Sustainability Report. The document gives an account of the company performance related to the economic, social, and environmental issues in 2019 and its future scenarios. “Biesse Group’s main objectives include the reduction of CO2 emissions and the ISO 45001 certification process for safety at work,” as said in the press release. “The Group promotes a responsible approach to the use of natural resources, avoiding waste, and implementing energy efficiency initiatives.”

One of the aims is to contribute to the fight against climate change and to reach a decarbonized economy e.g. through the usage of electricity produced from certified renewable sources.

Another measure taken sets ISO 45001 standards for the workplaces. “This decision was taken partially based on feedback from stakeholders, who deemed occupational health and safety to be the most predominant questions,” according to the press release.

In a statement, Alessandra Parpajola, executive member of the group’s board of directors and an active promoter of the company’s sustainability plan, points out: “The future of our company lies in the increasing convergence between corporate social responsibility and the strategic industrial plan.”

Some data:
* in 2019, the group had 706 million € of total revenues,
* 4200 employees worldwide,
* 50% share of women on the board of directors,
* 89% purchases from local suppliers,
* 95% of employees hired on permanent contracts,
* 95% of senior management hired locally,
* over 120,000 hours of training provided to staff during 2019,
* over 13,000 hours of training dedicated to safety at work.

Biesse Group is a multinational leader in technology for the processing of natural stone, wood, glass, plastic, and metal. It designs, manufactures, and distributes machines, integrated systems, and software for manufacturers of furniture, doors and windows, components for the building, nautical, and aerospace industries.

Previous Sustainability Reports have been published for 2018 and 2017.


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