Covid-19: SapienStone sees changes in living and praises its porcelain stoneware (with natural stone appearance) for it

SapienStone: porcelain stoneware Calacatta.

High-quality materials make the difference not only in the kitchen, according to the manufacturer

The Italian company for porcelain stoneware, SapienStone, refers to the Covid-19 pandemic in its current advertising. We have revised parts of the press release and the webpage:

The kitchen was undoubtedly one of the most lived-in spaces in our homes during the lockdown. We realized that in the kitchen, high-quality materials make all the difference.

In this crucial area of the house, porcelain really comes into its own, proving to be an excellent solution thanks to its ability to withstand all kinds of stresses and strains, and a SapienStone countertop can become a trusted ally for aspiring and experienced chefs alike, as it is resistant to acids, corrosive agents and stains…

Another space we felt an extreme need for was one where we could work undisturbed. The pandemic forced many people to get to grips with remote working, but not everyone was lucky enough to have a dedicated room for it.

Even in situations like this, SapienStone can come to the rescue thanks to its ability to anticipate modern lifestyle trends with an incredibly innovative product. The full-slab SapienStone countertop with integrated TPB induction hob combines a range of different functions, so you can cook, eat and work on the same surface. This kitchen worktop is perfectly suited to contemporary lifestyles and, if placed on an island, makes for an excellent solution for a multipurpose space that really can be used for all sorts of things…

During the lockdown, people also came to appreciate the importance of having some kind of view of the outside world, no matter how large or small. Gardens and balconies blossomed once again and people used them to sing, play music, work, enjoy lunch al fresco, play sports and relax,

The flexibility of SapienStone porcelain also makes it ideal for outdoor kitchens or designer barbecues capable of withstanding sudden changes in temperature, UV rays and all weather conditions. Easy to clean and maintain, SapienStone slabs are available in 29 textures to suit a wide range of different tastes and furnishing styles…

Despite the fact that today’s ever-changing lifestyle is also reflected in the way our homes are organized, times as unprecedented as these raise a lot of questions around how the homes of tomorrow will be lived in, as well as the need to rethink our spaces to accommodate sudden changes.

It is highly likely that anyone looking for a house after the emergency will be sure to choose one with a spare room that they can set up for a range of situations, an intimate space that can become a new world tailor-made for their passions.


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(02.07.2020, USA: 07.02.2020)