At the stone fair in Vitoria the exhibition “Brazilian Stones Original Design” was shown once again

Exhibition “Brazilian Stones Original Design”.Exhibition “Brazilian Stones Original Design”.

The aim of the presentation of artistic objects was to demonstrate the beauty and diversity of the country’s stones and to find new uses for the material

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The exhibition “Brazilian Stones Original Design” was shown for the 3rd time this year at the natural stone fair in Vitória, Brazil. Its aim was to bring together existing examples of natural stone design from Brazil to demonstrate the beauty and diversity of the country’s stones. According to the exhibition catalogue, the aim was also to find new uses for the material and to show ways in which the work of designers can add value to natural stone.

However, the aim was not to show examples of product design, as the exhibition’s curator, Vivian Coser, makes clear in her contribution to the catalogue. “The link between the world of natural stones and design is art,” she clarifies her position: the decisive criterion for her selection of objects was thus not whether an object was suitable for everyday use or sale, but above all whether a somehow creative idea appeared in it.

In this respect, “Brazilian Stones Original Design” continues the design concept familiar from Hall 1 at Marmomac.

We show the works in alphabetical order as in the exhibition catalogue.


Photos: Abirochas

Ana Neute: table “Cava“. Company: Corcovado Brasigran.
Arthur Casas: side table “Ettore”. Company: Corcovado Brasigran.
Bruno Faucz: side table “Hago”. Company: Quartzblue.
Claudia Moreira Salles: wardrobe “Mancebo”. Company: Corcovado Brasigran.
Claudia Prado: coffee table “Infinito”. Company: Granipex.
Estevão Toledo: chair “Estone”. Company. Firma: Magban.
Etel Carmona: lamp “Frasco”. Company: Corcovado Brasigran.
Giorgio Bonaguro: armchair “Archetype”. Company: Mineração Granduvale.
Ivan Rezende: fruit bowl “Furoteira”. Company: Corcovado Brasigran.
Jorge Sant’Anna: table lamp “Luminox”. Company: Amagran.
Lattog: coffee table “Planos”. Company: PBA Stones.
Luciano dalla Marta: bench “Recorte”. Company: Monte Negro Granitos.
Luciano Santelli: side table “Quartz”. Company: Corcovado Brasigran.
Ludson Zampirolli: sink “Slipper”. Company: Gramazini.
Natalia Scarpati: mirror “Orbe”. Company: Margramar.
Nino Bauti: bench “Amythis”. Company: Granos.

Noemi Saga: coffee table “São Paulo”. Company: Cajugram.
Ricardo Freisleben: coffee table “Leeven”. Company: Marbrasa.
Roberta Banqueri: table “Papilo”. Company: Imetame.
Rodrigo Jorge: coffee table “Alada”. Company: Rio Mármores marmomararia.
Rodrigo Ohtake: armchair “Itinga”. Company: Qualitá Group.
Guto Requena: table “Aurea”.

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