The b2b-event “Ma.R.Mo.” of IMM Carrara shall bring a “renaissance” for the white Tuscany marbles

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The event should bring a “renaissance” for white Tuscany marble / Manifesto “Architects for the Future”

If the organizers have their way, large parts of the global stone industry would have to go online in September and October 2020 for some time. Because: IMM Carrara has just announced that its b2b event “Ma.R.Mo.” will be postponed to October 20 – 30 and will then have an online offshoot; Marmomac had already been postponed to next year and plans its “Restart” version online from September 30 to October 02; the Xiamen Stone Fair will work on monthly topics in the form of webinars or online videos in its online “Cloud” from September onwards.

Let’s take a look at the “Ma.R.Mo.” of IMM Carrara as we had already presented the other two virtual events.

The title “Ma.R.Mo” is a bit cryptic. No wonder, in the past, IMM Carrara had invented a „Carrara2“ or a “Marmotec_Hub_4.0”.

“Ma.R.Mo.” means “Marmo Renaissance Model” and is a new name for the b2b-event that IMM Carrara invented a few years ago in place of its trade fair Marmotech. As the name suggests, it is supposed to bring a rebirth of the white marbles from Tuscany.

To this end, international buyers are invited with government funding from Italy’s export promoters I.C.E.

Besides visits to quarries and companies and quick business meetings, “White Carrara Downtown” is also part of the program. It is a cultural event that brings together stone with culture and lifestyle in the city center’s streets and squares.

The fact that the b2b meeting has an online version this year is due to the Corona Pandemic. The organizers hope that guests from Europe will be the core of those actually present, as stated in a press release from IMM Carrara. For the others, there will be the online event.

It will not only be accessible throughout the year, but will also offer special features for architects and designers.

But that’s not all: there will also be “scientific dialogues” in which experts from many fields contribute their ideas about a “renaissance of the natural stone world”.

Also, there is to be a “Stone and Project 2020”, which will take up central themes from the manifesto “Architects for the Future” and discuss them concerning natural stone. Topics are “the use, the project, the qualities, the resilience and the environment (of marble)”.

The statistics yearbook “Stone Sector” will also be presented again, which in the past provided valuable information for the development of the stone industry beyond mere figures. It had not been published in recent years.

In the press release, the countries are named which IMM Carrara is currently focusing on:
* “For the delegation of stone materials, the countries of origin are: United Kingdom, Germany, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Morocco, Qatar, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, USA, Canada
* For the technology delegation: Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Albania, Russia, India, Iran, Palestine, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Thailand, Vietnam, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Japan, Korea.”

Ma.R.Mo. 2020

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