In the US, private demand for natural stone seems to have increased in the last months

Kitchen countertops, wall claddings and floors are important markets for the stone sector. The photo shows an example of British Martin Moore’s “New Classic” kitchen.

In its newsletter, the Natural Stone Institute (NSI) states that “the average homeowner has decided to put their money to work in their own backyard”

Stone business in the US seems not to have been so badly affected by Covid-19. “The residential people are busier than ever,” we read in the Natural Stone Institute’s “Cutting Edge” Newsletter for members (September/October 2020), “it appears that after a few moments of fear in March and April, the average homeowner has decided to put their money to work in their own backyard. A steady stream of work has been coming into fabrication shops, and some members have even been forced to turn work away,” writes the association’s president, Bob Zavango.

Also, in some European countries and regions like Germany, Switzerland, and Scandinavia, the stone sector did not come to a halt as lockdown was not so complete as in other countries.

We had already analyzed information from several economy sectors, which expected a new trend towards “cocooning”: private customers “have experienced their own four walls in a completely new way during the lockdown and quarantine. The furniture industry is currently hotly debating whether there will be a new customer demand and what it will look like.”

Also producers of ceramic tiles promote their copies of natural stone for an upgrading of privates homes and apartments.

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(13.09.2020, USA: 09.13.2020)