Color is an important element in the design with natural stone for the Indian company Niksang Arts

Niksang Arts.

The company, based in Salem in the state of Tamil Nadu, celebrates its 25th anniversary and is looking for partners for export

Are you allowed to do that? The question is about painting natural stone.

Because: What is the point of hiding the naturalness of the stone surface under an artificial color and making the material only a carrier?

You can philosophize about this for a long time and in the end you will only realize that the use of stone is also subject to the taste of the times. In ancient times, that is, in the ancient cultures of Greece and Rome, both marble sculptures and temples were colorfully painted.

In India, there is a design company that goes its own way on this subject, namely, both covering the stone with color if the customer wants it, and incorporating into the design the natural shades that the stone has in the form of the veins. We are talking about Niksang Arts based in Salem in the state of Tamil Nadu in the (prosperous) south of India. We had already introduced the company in 2012, and this year it celebrated its 25th anniversary. Reason enough to ask for the latest products.

Niksang Arts.

The latest creation: “Inciso Stone Floor” is the name of the different patterns for tiles. It is black limestone, known as Cuddappa in India, where geometric patterns are etched into the stone. The size of the individual elements is 30 x 30 cm. The surface has a leather finish.

Trademark of the company are the Murals, which have become more and more sophisticated and elaborate in the last years. We show 2 examples.

Niksang Arts.

The Buddha figure and the elephant behind it are worked into the surface of the black Udaipur marble using various techniques. The God’s skin is decorated with gold leaf. The religiousness typical for India is a theme in many works by Niksang Arts.

Niksang Arts.

The scene for a bathroom (see photo on top) shows elements from the tropical rain forest with toucans. It is green marble that was polished for the leaves. The birds are glued on as thin, painted wood.

Also new is the wall of slate tiles on which figures from music and dance are sprayed.

Niksang Arts.

The stone also gets color variations through the type of surface. Niksang Arts is also happy to add inlays of glass or metal.

Where will the journey take us in the coming years? Now that the company has representatives in numerous states of India, it also wants to go into export. The company now has 30 employees. They include the daughter, who works in design together with the wife of the founder, and the son, who is responsible for technical implementation. Niksang Arts is a mixture of Nikhil and Sangita, the wife’s name.

One can be curious to see how an international cooperation will develop at this company. Niksang Arts is undoubtedly influenced by Indian culture, but it is also characterized by close cooperation with the client in the development and implementation of ideas.

At the moment the company is looking for cooperation partners or representatives.

Niksang Arts

Photo: Niksang Arts

Niksang Arts.Niksang Arts.Niksang Arts.Niksang Arts.

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