Miscellaneous: ideas around natural stone

Ben Russell: “Terrariums“. Photo: Ben RusselBritish stone sculptor Ben Russel has adapted his main theme – fungi – to the Corona situation: “We’ve all been so confined lately and we can’t wait to lift the lid on our bubbles and get back out there into the world. The idea presented itself for little huddles of fungi contained with their spores under glass domes,“ he writes in a presentation of his latest collection called “Terrariums“ made of marble, onyx, soapstone, and alabaster fungi on a basis of Carrara marble under handblown glass (1, 2).

Stone Hardscape company explains how builders can get LEED credits using natural stone.

IMM Carrarafiere, organizer of the once-famous stone fair Marmotec in Carrara, is in a serious crisis. The daily newspaper Il Tirreno reports of a possibly imminent liquidation (Italian).

3000 € is the fine for a natural stone company from Carrara for failing to notify the authorities of the amount of marble extracted (Italian).

Portuguese designer Emanuel Babled has launched a software that allows clients to design the Etnastone coffee table themselves.

Stone Federation Great Britain has linked the Interior Design Trends 2021 analyzed by Phil Reed Design.

GeoCASe (Geoscience Collections Access Service) is a data network and web portal designed to make collections of minerals, rocks, meteorites, and fossils held in museums and research institutions universally available online.

A professor from a prestigious Chinese university claims that Egypt’s pyramids were fakes: built with concrete in the 19th century and only clad with stone.

Video of the month: “Discover the Mineral In You“ is the title of a new video that the Portuguese natural stone association Assimagra has published on the web. We had a bit of a hard time with it because what is mentioned and enumerated in about the middle of the short film are not the minerals but the chemical elements. For people who are now confused, we refer to a clear and easy educational video from the USA: “What makes a mineral a mineral“ (1, 2).

(01.03.2021, USA: 03.01.2021)