15th Cosentino Design Challenge is open for entries from design and architecture students

Logo of the 15th Cosentino Design Challenge.

Participants shall develop innovative ideas for the usage of Consentino’s artificial stones like Dekton or Silestone

Spanish Cosentino group, producer of artificial stones, has launched its 15th Cosentino Design Challenge (CDC) for students. It is divided into 2 sections:
* in the design section, applicants shall work on “Cosentino… material and sensation”;
* in the architecture section, the topic is “Kitchens with soul – new visions for conventional spaces”.

For each category (CDC15 Architecture and CDC15 Design) the following prizes will be awarded: 3 first prizes, 3 second prizes, and special mentions. Each of the first prizes will consist of €1,000 (or the equivalent of €1,000 in the currency of each country where a student is awarded).

The competition is open to students enrolled in the 2020-2021academic year at any educational center or polytechnic offering courses in design, architecture, interior architecture or other similar fields of study.

Cosentino defines the purpose of the competition as follows: „The aim of Cosentino Design Challenge competitions is to encourage student research on different conceptual approaches involving the layout of spaces, materials and the constructive systems that define them, via experimentation with Cosentino products.“ In other words: participants are expected to design a project for one of the company’s materials like Dekton, Silestone or others.

Deadline for entries is June 01, 2021 (1, 2).

(02.04.2021, USA: 04.02.2021)