MAINSANDSTEIN, WEISS-GRAU, a highly sustainable sandstone from Bavaria, Germany, with light color and subtle, fresh veining

Mainsandstein, weiß-grau, honed.

Name: Mainsandstein, weiß-grau (white-grey)

Stone type: Sandstone

Color: white-grey

Structure: fine-grained with a subtle, fresh veining

Quarry location: 96151 Breitbrunn, Bavaria, Germany

Peculiarities of the stone: Mainsandstein weiß-grau is characterized by its mostly light color and by subtle, fresh veining. It creates a great impression and blends in beautifully with its surroundings. It is a highly sustainable building material.

Usage: fassade installations, outdoor applications

Finishes: honed, chiselled, shot-blasted, machine split, lines split

Mainsandstein, weiß-grau, lines split.Mainsandstein weiß-grau, machine split.

Frost resistant: yes

Contact: Bamberger Natursteinwerk Hermann Graser GmbH
Dr.-Robert-Pfleger-Straße 25, 96052 Bamberg, Germany
Tel.: +49 951 9648-0 Fax.: +49 951 9648-100
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Fürst & Friedrich office and commercial building in Düsseldorf, Germany, modern part clad in Mainsandstein, weiß-grau.

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