An elegant villa in Belgium with Italian company Grassi Pietre‘s limestone Grigio Alpi in several finishes

Grassi Pietre: villa in Belgium.

In numerous countries, private demand for natural stone increased during the Covid-19 crisis, so owners took money in hand to beautify and upgrade their apartments or houses and gardens. We are therefore increasingly showing examples of natural stone in kitchens, bathrooms, terraces, or swimming pools.

Set in the countryside around Waterloo, this elegant villa is designed to reflect its natural surroundings.

The geometrical shapes and clean lines, the materials used, are emphasized by the game of lights and shadows, thanks to its large windows.

Grassi Pietre: villa in Belgium.

Vicenza stone’s fossils and shades blend perfectly with the natural tones of the wood.
The Kitchen island, one of the main features of this Villa, is clad in large tiles of Grigio Alpi to give the effect of a unique monolithic piece.

Grassi Pietre: villa in Belgium.

The indoor pool is designed to be the transitional area between indoor and outdoor, with the use of Grigio Alpi in spacco finish to resemble the appearance and feel of raw rock.

Grassi Pietre: villa in Belgium.

Grigio Rustik was selected for the swimming pool interior, floor and surrounding in the flamed finish to enhance its fossils which characterize this unique material.

Grassi Pietre

Design: Instore

Photos: Grassi Pietre

Grassi Pietre: villa in Belgium.Grassi Pietre's company logo.

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