For fans of cigar smoking: the “Marquina Cigar Bag“ of the company Mikol conveys the lifestyle of luxury and value and combines for this purpose marble thin stone with leather

Mikol: “Marquina Cigar Bag“.

The natural stone gives the product its image and uniqueness

“Value added“ is often discussed in connection with the sale of natural stone. What is meant by this is that one does not simply sell the stone as a material for a bathroom, for example, but that one exaggerates it as an expression of style or luxury through appropriate design.

Figuratively speaking: the material, which is cold by nature, is charged with emotion.

One aspect of this is product design, i.e. the creation of everyday objects from marble, granite & co. There are now cases where the “added value“ of the stone has nothing at all to do with the amount of marble used, for example.

Mikol: “Marquina Cigar Bag“.

The American-Taiwanese company Mikol is pursuing this product strategy quite consistently: it has reduced the stone to a layer a few millimeters thin, which it applies to everyday objects. We had presented some of these products: cards for playing poker, protective covers for cell phones, and more.

Now the company is coming out with a product for cigar aficionados: it’s a pouch with which the friends of pleasurable smoking have everything they need at hand.

Mikol: “Marquina Cigar Bag“.

The material is high quality leather, as usual for such products, the stone disc on the top is Black Marble Nero Marquina, known for its distinctive white veins. “The result is the Marquina Cigar Bag,” the press materials say it can “properly organize all your cigar accessories, and also have a unique design that stands out from the crowd.“

Most importantly, the marble serves as a “signature“ because there cannot be 2 identical bags.

Mikol: “Marquina Cigar Bag“.

The leather is “soft and comfortable to hold,” the stone layer is “has a slight flex so it squeezes perfectly between your arms.” And, “the bag even has enough room to throw in a boveda pack to keep your cigars moist during your travels.“ It is only slightly larger than a Kindle.

By the way, there is also a small piece of stone inside.


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(21.07.2021, USA: 07.21.2021)