The textile “MARM \ MORE“ with marble powder is now also used as a cover for an armchair of Bentley Home luxury furniture

Armchair “Wickham armchair” by Bentley Home with MARM \ MORE.

The waste material from natural stone production contributes to the properties and color of the innovative material

There is talk of “exquisite material“ or “precious marble powder“ – the British manufacturer of luxury car bodies Bentley has discovered the innovative textile “MARM \ MORE“ for its furniture brand Bentley Home. Marble powder plays an important role for the textile substance and provides the respective coloration.

We had reported about it: the two designers Alice Zantedeschi and Francesca Pievani had technologically upgraded the waste material from marble production at the Polytechnic University in Milan so that it can be applied like a microfilm to textiles of all work.

They have been successful on the market with this for some time, for example with rain jackets for women. Depending on the type of marble powder processed, they come in different shades: with Red Verona marble you get a salmon red, with Black Ebony an anthracite gray, with Green Alps a pastel green, and with white marble a milky white.

Armchair “Wickham armchair” by Bentley Home with MARM \ MORE.

So now Bentley Home has elevated the innovative material to whole new heights. The textile with gray and matte hue is used for Wickham armchair. The company’s marketing department writes in press materials: “With the new fabric, the collection gains a new, exclusive furniture covering that is both sumptuous, hard-wearing and sustainable.“

What is interesting for us is that the PR people here attribute those qualities that distinguish marble (noble, sustainable) also to the waste material after upcycling. We had already pointed out this phenomenon: from the consumer’s point of view, natural stone retains its positive values even when it has undergone a drastic change.

The permanence or durability of the stone acquires an emotional component here, which is otherwise only attributed to precious stones, precious metals or precious woods.

The contact to Bentley for the two designers and their startup Fili Pari came about through the Italian company Limonta, which is one of the world’s leading firms in the field of modern textiles.

Fili Pari: rain jackets for women “Bergamo“.Fili Pari: rain jackets for women “Bergamo“.

There is also news to report from Fili Pari in the classic field of textiles, namely clothing: they have released a new model of their rain jackets for women – “Bergamo“ is the name and of course MARM \ MORE is also the material here. The fabric is waterproof and windproof, but still breathable and also resistant to abrasion.

Fili Pari: rain jackets for women “Bergamo“.Fili Pari: rain jackets for women “Bergamo“.

You can purchase the jackets via the online store on the designers’ webpage. By the way, recently they came up with Corona respirators made of their material.

Fili Pari

Photos: Fili Pari

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