“Architexture“ by Budri and Patricia Urquiola: tables that echo the façades of Renaissance churches

Budri, Patricia Urquiola: “Architexture“.

The tabletop is made entirely of glass and is practically invisible, but the legs are eye-catching

The Covid-19 pandemic has left its mark, even where one would not necessarily have expected it: “2020 was a year of reflection, silence, sobriety, but also of wealth: we were able to recognize the importance of our country and its beauties,” writes Italian company Budri in the press release for its latest creation together with Spanish-Italian designer Patricia Urquiola. And further: “The large spaces and empty squares have allowed us to see the masterpieces of Italian architecture with new eyes.“

The result of this reflection on the home and on its long history has led to “Architexture“, a collection of 7 different tables in which Italian marble and Renaissance architecture play a special role.

It is minimal design, and the table as a piece of furniture is practically reduced to the legs of the table – but then they assert themselves unmistakably like columns on the site.

The tabletop, actually the most important part for the function of a table, is made of glass and is practically invisible. Unless you look at the piece of furniture from the side or there are reflections in the surface.

Budri, Patricia Urquiola: “Architexture“.Budri, Patricia Urquiola: “Architexture“.

But instead, the legs really eye-catchers. The design is known from numerous Renaissance churches in Italy, where bands of marble in 2 colors stretch across the facade. The most famous is the Siena Cathedral.

Again, and again, modern architects have taken up the design, such as Mario Botta at the church of San Giovanni Battista in the village of Mogno in Ticino.

For the first time the new collection will be on display during Milan Design Week in September at Budri’s new showroom (Foro Buonaparte 60). Registration is requested.


Renderings: Budri

Budri, Patricia Urquiola: “Architexture“.

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