The US-startup Parting Stone transforms the ashes of the deceased or of pets into pebble-sized stones

40 to 60 “solidified remains“ are created from the ashes of a deceased person.

The bereaved can have these “solidified remains“ close to them or carry them with at all times if they wish

U.S.-based startup Parting Stone turns the ashes of the deceased into pebble-sized stones that the bereaved can hold, carry with them or layout somewhere in specific shapes. “We believe families should be able to feel a meaningful connection with the remains of their departed,“ the concept is outlined on the founders‘ website.

The process is as follows: the ashes are sent by the relatives or by funeral companies to Parting Stone‘s headquarters in Santa Fe in New Mexico. There, the ashes are turned into a fine powder, which, with a binding agent, is transformed into a mass similar to clay. The process is patent pending.

The resulting stones, usually in the form of pebbles, are fired in a kiln, then polished and send to the bereaved.

Parting Stone created the term “solidified remains“. Between 40 and 60 are created per one person’s ashes. Of course, the process also works for deceased pets.

The “solidified remains“ can have different colors after firing. In most cases, however, it is white.

“Each set of solidified remains is different and varies in color, texture, shape, size, and number of solids. Solidified remains are about as hard as real stones and will not disintegrate in water,“ is explained on the webpage.

However, depending on the individual, the color can vary: “Many solids come out of our process white or a hue of blue or green, but we sometimes see radical variations like chocolate brown, lavender, honey, or blue speckles.“

And finally: “Solidified remains act and feel very much like normal river stones. The material is clean and permanent like ceramic. The solids will not dissolve in water or scratch with your fingernail. They will outlast us on Earth.“

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