“Alpi 4.0“: Grassi Pietre makes terrazzo from small remnants of its stones

“Alpi 4.0“, a new terrazzo by Grassi Pietre.

The company from the vicinity of Verona is also not afraid to work with engineered stones, as demonstrated a few years ago with Pietranova

In our last issue, we wrote that the natural stone industry should pay more attention to the issue of waste from quarrying and processing. We were still writing when we received a press release from the Italian company Grassi Pietre: they make terrazzo from small remnants of their stones:

“Alpi 4.0, a new material by Grassi Pietre. The concept follows the company philosophy of giving new purpose and life to Vicenza Stone grit resulting from natural stone processing. Alpi 4.0 is produced with chips of the natural stones Grigio Alpi and Grigio Argento, coming directly from our quarries, mixed with cement and water.

The result is an eco-sustainable material, which combines the authenticity and naturalness of the stone with superior physical-mechanical characteristics. Alpi 4.0 is suitable for interior and exterior cladding, stairs, and flooring, for residential or commercial use.

“Alpi 4.0“, a new terrazzo by Grassi Pietre.

Available in different formats and finishes, Alpi 4.0 adapts to the client’s aesthetic requirements and design needs.”

A few years ago, the company had already entered the market with its development Pietranova. This engineered stone is made from stone powder, cement, and water.

Grassi Pietre

Photos: Grassi Pietre

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