“SuperHink“: a new Swiss architectural award for natural stonework (2)

Schulanlage Steinlig A+B in Bassersdorf.Schulanlage Steinlig A+B in Bassersdorf.

For the first time, the award was presented in the categories of landscape design and architecture by the Pro Naturstein consortium

In terms of weight, the winning project in the Landscape Architecture category was a match for Obelix’s menhirs: it is a fountain made of solid Rohrschacher sandstone measuring 4.5 x 4.5 m x 1 m and weighing 21 tons.

It was made for the renovation of the Steinlig A+B school complex in Bassersdorf. There, the children now have a wading pool in the schoolyard, next to an area for ball games and a playground.

The fountain is designed in detail:
* the basic shape is square, but the pool is slightly asymmetrically shifted from the center;
* this way there are 2 sides for swimming with a wide edge and a flat edge and 2 sides for splashing with a narrow edge and a steep edge;
* the corners were hewn out by hand, the surfaces honed, and the edges chamfered.

The fountain was manufactured by the Bärlocher company. The sheer size of the object posed special challenges, for example: in order to place the rough-cut starting block under the 5-axis milling machine with millimeter precision, the company had to call in specialists for heavy transport.

Schulanlage Steinlig A+B in Bassersdorf.Schulanlage Steinlig A+B in Bassersdorf.

The sandstone as the material of the fountain also serves to make the whole complex a unity: Natural stone is also found in the table sets and in a special variety of colors in various walls.

Schulanlage Steinlig A+B in Bassersdorf.Schulanlage Steinlig A+B in Bassersdorf.

By planting native wild species and designing them as dry stone walls, the children’s eye for natural habitats is to be sharpened.

The landscape planning came from the architectural firms Bucher Partner from Winterthur and Artenreich Bolinger Gärten from Lufingen.

The Pro Naturstein consortium has 12 Swiss natural stone companies as members, with a further 16 companies associated. It has existed for 30 years and cooperates with the associations Jardin Suisse, NVS (Naturstein-Verband Schweiz) and VSBS (Verband Schweizer Bildhauer- und Steinmetzmeister). Due to the large number of submissions, the prize will be offered again next year.

Pro Naturstein (German)

Bucher Partner (German)

Artenreich Bolinger Gärten (German)

Bärlocher Natursteine (German)

Photos: Pro Naturstein

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(20.10.2021, USA: 10.20.2021)