Our look at Marmomac 2021: good to see that the stone sector sticks together and appreciates its in-person trade fairs

Italian company <a href="https://marmiminucciano.com/"target="_blank">Marmi Minucciano</a> used an old diamond wire to show how decorative also the tools of the natural stone sector can be. <a href="https://marmiminucciano.com/"target="_blank">Marmi Minucciano</a>.

Despite the great uncertainty caused by a possible new lockdown, 9 halls were full of activity with 756 exhibitors and more than 30,000 visitors

At the beginning of this final report on Marmomac 2021, we have to correct ourselves: our headline to the preliminary report in August that the show “will be shifted towards halls 6-12“ was not correct. Because halls 2 to 5 were also in operation. But what was different than usual was: Hall 1 and also Halls 8 and 10 were closed down, but the outdoor areas A, B and D were used (C again not).

Floor plan of the Marmomac 2021...... and 2019.

In this respect, this 55th edition of Marmomac presented itself powerfully. Also, the preliminary visitor figures of the organizer Veronafiere and also of the exhibitors testified that the natural stone industry has survived the crisis well:
* over 30,000 visitors came (2019: 67,928),
* of which 48% were from abroad, and from 120 countries;
* there were 756 exhibitors (2019: 1,636), of which 329 were from abroad, from 39 countries (including 80 companies from Turkey, 15 from Brazil, 11 from Egypt and 6 from Iran),
* the fair was held in 9 halls and the outdoor areas with a net area of about 60,000 m² (2019: 12 halls with 80,845 m²),
* groups of buyers, architects and importers from the USA, Canada, Russia, Iran and Jordan and the Maghreb (Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia) were invited.

The mood was aptly described in a press release by the CEO of the Veronafiere exhibition company, Giovanni Mantovani: “The halls breathed an atmosphere of emotion and optimism.“

We would like to express our praise: all participants showed that trade fairs are important to them as an in-person event.

For this they deserve thanks, because – not to be forgotten when looking back: there was always the threat that there would be a new outbreak of the pandemic in Italy or elsewhere in Europe, that governments would introduce tough measures, and that this would blow exhibitors’ investments and visitors’ preparations to the wind.

So, it is nice to see that the sector is sticking together.

And: it is to be hoped that this Marmomac and the virtual one of the previous year were twice trade fairs in pandemic times – namely the first and the last.

“Human“ collection by designer Patricia Carvalho for Portuguese company <a href="https://www.airelimestones.com/"target="_blank">Airelimestones</a>.“Human“ collection by designer Patricia Carvalho for Portuguese company <a href="https://www.airelimestones.com/"target="_blank">Airelimestones</a>.

It was due to the pandemic that the Marmomac Talks program was spread across Halls 2, 7 and 12. This featured technical presentations on a variety of topics, which were then broadcast to each of the other halls.

We will report separately on some of the other events in our upcoming issues: Italian Stone Theatre – Time in Stone; Brand & Stone; Young Stone Project; Percorsi d’Arte; Mastri della Pietra.

The award of the association Le Donne del Marmo (The Marble’s Women) was given to Catia Scarpelli from Scarpelli Mosaici company for her “important contribution to the enhancement of the Florentine artistic heritage, to be preserved over the centuries as a great treasure.”

With its newly designed joint stand, Brazil went far way back in its history: the bold colors recalled the name “Terra dos Papagaios“ (Land of the Parrots), as the Portuguese sailors called the New World for a while, full of admiration for the colors of nature there.Brazil's joint stand.

We will soon honor Marmomac’s Icon Award with a separate commentary – such a blunder deserves its own consideration.

Marmomac 2022 (27. – 30. September)

Le Donne del Marmo (Italian)

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