Beautiful little things made of natural stone, which can be sold not only as gifts

Chatzisavvas Design.

For the stone industry, the world of accessories offers countless opportunities, if not for sale, then as a promotion for their material

Beautiful little things are a promising market for the natural stone industry, we had already written more often. True, only those who can sell them together with a well-known name can earn real money. But also for other stone companies, they are valuable as free marketing: if natural stone is made visible, the consumers themselves think of various uses.

The upcoming Christmas season allows us to look at the state of art. We show examples of how companies work the market of beautiful little things, of which some can be gifts.

The Greek brand Chatzisavvas Design has been active in the field for several years. The webpage shows tiny hearts as pendants, Christmas decorations (see photo above), and small artworks.

Salvatori: “The Village“.In Italy, the company Salvatori has created a brand in this field. An example is the latest collection “The Village“, whose objects were designed by internationally renowned architects and designers, also meant as an artistic response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Marsotto Edizioni, also from Italy, has larger objects in its “Collectible Marble“ collection, namely furniture pieces that, as the name suggests, can also be objects for collectors and investors.

Small animals are always popular as decorative objects. For example, the collection “Animarmi“ by Tobia Scarpa for Testi Group. leftover pieces from marble processing are used.

Pimar Limestone.Pimar Limestone has kittens in its “Design Collection“, among others.

Swiss company Alfredo Polti turns its gneiss into small practical objects for everyday use, ranging from vases to umbrella stands, pocket knives or ice cubes (deutsch 1, 2).

The Swiss company Bärlocher has a similar range of products from birdbaths to painted marble fruits to candlesticks or wine coolers (German).

Kelly Wearstler, a designer from the USA, has recognized the trend towards natural stone design and has, for example, feeding bowls for pets.

US-artist Robin Antar’s webpage is always worth a visit.

The designers of Filipari from Italy now also have bags made of their natural stone textile and even Corona masks (1, 2).

“Christmas gnomes“ has the German stonemasonry company Jacoby Naturstein (German).

Mido: “Baroncelli Wild Stone“.Finally: the Swiss company Mido used semi-precious stones such as aventurine, tiger eye, malachite or tree jasper for the dials of its ladies’ wristwatches from the “Baroncelli Wild Stone“ collection. In the promotional photos, the watches are connected with a lifestyle promise.

(02.12.2021, USA: 12.01.2021)